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FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {1}
FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {2}
FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {3}
FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {1}
FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {2}
FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075 {3}

FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075

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FTDI USB Programming Cable + Support Motorola HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075

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This listing is for a single FTDI USB to Serial programming cable compatible with Motorola two-way radios that support the RKN4075 proprietary interface.
I own a HT750 and a H1250 LS+ radio so I know this cable works. 
The factory programming software title that supports these radio models is Motorola Professional Radio CPS must be purchased online directly from Motorola On LIne (MOL) to comply with their software licensing regulations.
This CPS works on Windows 10 and many older versions of Windows. 
This cable uses the FTDI genuine chipset.
Fast same day shipping on orders received before 3 pm Pacific Time
With the cable, you get my installation instructions, email address, and cell phone number.
My call sign is KJ6ZWL.  This business is my passion!  My cables work!  I now have more than 140 radios, costing more than $28K used just for testing my cables with programming software.  I am not your typical eBay seller, so please take a moment and read on to understand my message to you.  You get my promise that I will do my very best to support you. I worked as a computer support engineer for 15 years before starting this full-time business.  If you are not happy with my cables, I will give you a full refund.
The # 1 problem my customers run into is finding the right software for their radio.  I have a database of more than 5000 radios and 800 different programming software titles.  In most cases, I can share links to the software for a customer who purchases my cable.  I do not sell software.
The # 2 problem is getting the factory programming software to communicate with the radio or scanner they have.  They see that the software "runs" fine, but they can't read the radio or scanner on Windows 10.  They tend to believe that the programming cable is defective.  The real problem is that they need a version of Windows(s) that was in production when the programming software was released. 
Windows Version
Year Released
Win 3.1
Win 95
Win 98
Win ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
My ultimate goal is to organize all of my eBay cable listings by factory programming software titles and provide an internet link to the software for those who need it.  Also, this will enable me to communicate what I know about the operating systems that are required to program your radio successfully before you buy my cable.  This work is a very large task that will take years.  Please excuse the mistakes I will make in the process.  Let me know about any listing errors and omissions so I can correct them for the greater good.  I have over 750 listings on eBay, so searching through my eBay store makes finding the cable you need much easier.  If you do not see your radio model in my store and you see I sell the cable you think you need, contact me.
Please check this listing's photos for a close-up of the connector to ensure that this cable matches the physical characteristics of your radio's port before ordering this cable.  Most radios use the microphone jack as the programming port, but some have a separate data port for programming and PC to internal TNC interface. It is important to know that programming cables use fewer signal pins than a microphone, so the pinouts are typically simpler than your microphone cable.
Being able to program your rig using a spreadsheet-style of a user interface, albeit sometimes a bit primitive, can make your life so much easier. I know from experience that this is true.  Here is my recipe for getting you up and running for a fair price with some more advice.
Watch out for cheap cable (you get what you pay for)
Any USB programming cable priced under $10 is junk with no support if you need help, period!  You already know this, or you wouldn't have opened this listing.
eBay sellers who sell anything in their store and know nothing about the cables they sell.
Virtually all cables from other sellers come with no installation instructions and no support.
The truth is you don't need a CD with Windows drivers unless you are getting obsolete or counterfeit versions of the Prolific PL2303 chipset.  Typically, the OS will automatically install the drivers when the cable is plugged into the computer.  Moreover, your computer's OS is going to install the latest version of the drivers, deleting the drivers that came on the CD.  Finally, the drivers for the counterfeit chips do not support 64-bit Operating Systems and all versions of Windows 10.  Here is the warning copied from Prolific's website in Taiwan.
Warning Notice:
Please be warned that counterfeit (fake) PL-2303HX (Chip Rev A) USB to Serial Controller ICs using Prolific's trademark logo, name, and device drivers, were being sold in the China market. Counterfeit IC products show the same outside chip markings but generally are of poor quality and cause Windows driver compatibility issues (Yellow Mark Error Code 10). We issue this warning to all our customers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchase. Prolific prohibits the distribution of any PL-2303 drivers (including download links) without written permission from Prolific.
Windows 8/8.1/10 operating systems are NOT supported in PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X EOL chip versions.
Missing OS compatibility claims altogether or disclaimers about Windows 64-bit not being supported are another big red flag.
Seller listings with poor English grammar and a USA shipping address is another red flag.
eBay Seller Location: US, US.  Where is that exactly?
If you think you can send a cable back to China and get your money refunded, you must be from Mars.
Here is what you should know/want:
You want to buy from someone who knows a great deal about programming HAM radios and scanners.
Buy from someone who can help you find the right programming software for your model radio and help ensure the software you need is compatible with the version of the Operating System you are using.
All of my cables use genuine FTDI or Prolific chipsets, and drivers are available for all versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux.
Listing errors do occur because sellers have to create so damn many listings to cover the 5000+ radios in the marketplace today.  If you discover discrepancies between your radio and one of my listings, please let me know so I can correct it. 
Proprietary connectors do cost 20 to 40% more, so you will see that reflected in the sellers' prices.
I don't send you to China if you have a problem.  Yes, the cables are assembled and tested in China.  I don't make these in my garage.
Only FTDI cables support LED activity lights.
Cables using the FTDI chip AND a well-designed PCBs, have a unique feature that makes them work, especially when TX & RX operate on the same wire.
75% of the USB serial cables that I sell are FTDI; the remaining 25% are genuine Prolific.
All RT System software requires the purchase of their cables and doesn't work with any other cable, including this one.
For genuine FTDI and Prolific chipsets, there are drivers available for all versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux.
If you are not certain that this the right cable for your radio, please contact me first with an eBay message before you click buy now.  Doing so will save us both time, money, and frustration if we figure everything out together before you place your order.
Question & Answers
Q.  How can I tell if the USB serial cable I am buying uses the Prolific or FTDI USB to serial chipset?
A.  If it doesn't say FTDI in the listing title, it will use the Prolific chipset.  True USB cables do not use USB to serial chipsets.
Q.  What is the difference between FTDI and Prolific USB serial cable other than the FTDI are more expensive?
A.  The best USB serial cables are the ones with the FTDI chipset for sure. Many people prefer FTDI because they know they work, while others want to save money or are not aware of the differences. I have sold both cables and have learned a lot about this question. I have found issues with 65% of the Prolific cables on the market today. As I find issues, I stop selling the Prolific version of that cable.
Return Policy
14-day return exchange policy if and only if you pay to ship both ways on the exchange if you made a mistake. If you bought the wrong physical connector, you pay, regardless of what listing title states.
If I send you the wrong cable or the connector is correct, and the cable does not work, I will ship you the correct cable and a prepaid return envelope at no charge.
I offer a 1-year warranty on the cable if and only if you don't mess with it.
Technical Support
I stand behind everything I sell, and I promise that I will do my best to troubleshoot any problem you encounter.  All I ask of you is that you give me a chance to correct any issues you have before you provide your feedback.
Contact me if you don't see what you need or you have questions.
KJ6ZWL clear and standing by
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